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Book With US

To book with us simply give us a call at 07450943377 or chuck us an email at info@alviswaste.co.uk.

What do we need from you?

For all bookings, provide us with :

  • Your full name and address, including area and postcode.
  • A description of your waste with a photo attached so that we can assess your collection. Please bear in mind that we do not collect the following items: Biological or Medical waste, Paint (unless empty), Helium or Oxygen Gas Bottles, Noxious Chemicals, Asbestos or Toxic Substances. If your waste contains any of these items please make sure you remove them or we cannot collect your waste – we appreciate your co-operation.
  • We also request that the waste is easily accessible and at the front of the house for minimal intrusion to your day, as well as, limited complications with collections. This means you do not have to be in when we collect your waste.
  • Inform us what date is best for you! Alvis Waste works around you, include your date with your booking and get it booked in straight away.
  • If you are not home, do not worry! We take bank transfer payments as well as payments over the phone – for your ultimate convenience.

Please be aware we charge an extra fee for any items of the following: Mattresses, Fridges of Freezers, Air Conditioners, Tyres, TVs or Monitors, Fluorescent Tubes and Car Batteries. Please inform us prior to the booking to avoid confusion and to give you the correct quote!